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Our Commitments to You & Our Prices | Plumbing Rates

Welcome to Emergency Response Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, a local, family owned and operated business providing plumbing, heating and air conditioning services to all of Rhode Island.

We are a residential and small commercial emergency and non-emergency service plumbing, heating and air conditioning company which focuses on installations, replacements, repairs, service and maintenance for most brands. 

We’re guessing you may be asking yourself, what type of service do I get and what does it cost? 

Our Commitments to You!

  1. We charge by the job not the hour. Therefore no mark ups on parts and materials or slow plumbers just to make more on labor costs.
  2. You can call us 24 hours a day...and a master plumber actually answers the phone not a secretary or answering service!
  3. We have over 30 years experience.
  4. We don’t try to sell you service agreements or preventive maintenance plans! Let's first say to be clear, we recommend having maintenance done on your heating and air conditioning systems yearly! However, here is our take on "maintenance plans" or "service agreements." There can be some benefits to having a service agreement or maintenance plan for some homeowners however we have found the majority of homeowners don’t end up using it. This is maybe because they don't even remember that they have paid for it. For homeowners that do know they have it, there is usually too many items excluded from the service agreement or maintenance plan to make it worth it. Just keep in mind when your making your decision to buy or not buy these service agreements and maintenance plans, they are big money makers for plumbing, heating and air conditioning companies.
  5. We have same day service... and most times we can be out in less than an hour.
  6. You always know the price before we start.
  7. We don’t charge extra for nights, holidays or weekends.
  8. We help expedite oil to gas conversions with the gas company.
  9. We don’t charge for travel to and from anywhere.
  10. We do have a service charge that varies depending the time of year however that service charge is always waived if you go ahead with the repair when we come to your home.
  11. We have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau! We don’t even pay for their membership to have that excellent rating!
  12. Just have a question? We offer FREE phone advice, tips, how to's, etc... We always have a master plumbing and heating contractor answer the phone to be able to respond to any of your questions for FREE. 
  13. We have senior discounts!
  14. We offer FREE phone estimates! Keep in mind that we may not be able to give an exact estimate until we come to you home and evaluate the project.
  15. We do offer coupons! Check out our website pages for the different offers.
  16. We set appointment window times.
  17. Financing is available to qualified customers.
  18. Workmanship and parts are always guaranteed!
  19. We are a fully licensed and insured plumbing, heating and air conditioning company. We have full workers compensation and general liability insurance coverage. We are a master plumber MP# 002083, master pipefitter PF1#6827 and master refrigeration 2# rj2, oil burner person # f-008874 and EPA certified contractor.

Our goal is to make you so happy with our work that when you need another job done that we are the company you know you want to call! 


Our Rate Guide! 

Here is a list of rates of a couple COMMON plumbing, heating and air conditioning types of jobs.

Keep in mind that we give price ranges. This is important because until we speak with you and get some questions answered or come out to your home we won’t be able to give an accurate exact estimate. Time spent on the job, materials, complexity, and amount of employees needed to do the work are all factors in determining the price of the job.

This is NOT a complete list of the services we provide but a couple of items to get an idea of our pricing!

Don't see rates for what you need done? Give Us Call 401-825-7775!


Plumbing Prices

Don't see rates for what you need done? Give Us Call 401-825-7775!

Water Heater Installation/Replacement (40 gallon gas water heater) $825 - $1125

Kitchen Faucet Installation (customer supplied faucet) $225 - $350

Clogged Toilet $155 - $375 (possibly more if it is very bad mainline clog)

Drain Cleaning (localized) $175 - $325

Water Line Replacement (from the curb stop to the house) $2,500 - $8,000


Heating Prices

Don't see rates for what you need done? Give Us Call 401-825-7775!

Boiler, Furnace or Heat Pump Repairs (pricing all depends on what's actually wrong) $125 - $700

Install mid-efficiency gas forced-air furnace $2,500 - $4,200

Install high-efficiency gas forced-air furnace $3,500 - $5,500

Install mid-efficiency gas boiler $3,800 - $5,800

Install high-efficiency gas boiler $5,800 - $8,800

Furnace Maintenance $125 - $225

Boiler Maintenance $175 - $275


Air Conditioning Prices

Don't see rates for what you need done? Give Us Call 401-825-7775!

Air Conditioning Repairs (pricing all depends on what's actually wrong) $125 - $800

Air Conditioning Maintenance (and any repair needed to make AC function correctly) $125 - $525

We Accept:

RI Plumbers

Personal Checks

There are many different types of plumbing, heating and air conditioning companies and along with that different ways to calculate their rates.

Click here to see how we describe them.


We just ask that you keep mind when your searching for the right company thatcheap plumbing, heating and air conditioning estimates may end up costing you much more.

Here are a few reasons why.

1)   They may not be properly licensed.

2)   They may not be properly insured.

3)   They may charge you hourly & parts. This can be misleading. Most companies will mark up the price of the parts and then take a long time to do the work.

4)   They may not tell you the price up front.

5)   They may charge you more for nights, weekends or holidays.

6)   They may try to sell you a service agreement or a preventive maintenance plan.

7)   They may not even be a business but instead someone who does the work on the side which could make it hard to find them if something goes wrong.

8)   They may charge you for travel time.


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Read What Our Customers Have to Say About Us!

I just want to say thank you so much for being so patient in working with us in our situation. If it wasn't for your patience and understanding I don't think I would have been able to replace the boiler system. Once again, thank you so much! Lucy M.